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  • Hello and Still Searching

    Hello everyone,

    I currently do not own a Dane but am looking for one.

    My wife and I have wanted one for a long time but didn't have the room for one. We currently have a couple small breed dogs and would love to add a Dane to our family. We have 2 kids ages 7 and 2 who love animals. We are located in Anaheim California.

    I am an avid Chameleon keeper as well and currently have 3 with some eggs incubating.

    I joined the forum after lurking on here for a while learning what I can.

    We are hoping to find a Male Merle Mantle pup but having a hard time finding any available.

    I look forward to learning from people here and hope to join the club soon.
    thanks for reading!


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    Hi, There are some very good, responsible breeders in California. I suggest that you contact the Dane Clubs in California and get referrals to good breeders. Go to the GDCA site and get a listing of the contact people for the California clubs.
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      i so agree and finding a responsible, reputable breeder cannot be stressed enough. you've waited a while, waiting a little longer for a pup from a good breeder will be worth every minute!

      please don't be fooled by fancy websites and people claiming to be a good breeder. a reputable breeder will interview you as to your lifestyle and your commitment. breeders who care want their potential buyers to be the best for the puppies they produce. lots of blood, sweat, tears and $$$ goes into producing a good litter of pups and they want to make sure their puppy buyers are happy. this is unlike most of what you will find just cruising around the internet or from ads in the paper where you will find what we refer to as "greeders", those people who will sell a puppy to the first person who comes along with a fistful of cash.

      when you find a breeder you think you like and there are puppies available (or soon will be), come back here and ask questions. there are many red flags we can list that will let you know if you should run screaming in the other direction!

      good luck with your search. once you have a dane, you'll never want anything else!