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Hello Fellow Dane Lovers - Finally figured out how to post something!

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  • Hello Fellow Dane Lovers - Finally figured out how to post something!

    This is my first time posting and I must say I have been challenged trying to figure this out. We adopted our almost 15 month old Blue Merle, Aryia, last July. She was rescued at 4 months of age. Outside of our children, and each other, Aryia is the love of our lives.

    She has recently become a bit of a challenge in that she has started biting at her harness and leash when taking her walking. If we stop to visit with neighbors, she chews her leash. I am assuming it is the teenager in her right now, but have a private trainer coming this Wednesday for some help. I love taking her camping with me (my husband is not a camper) and I only have a pop up, so she is on a tie out and a leash except when in be with me. She was not a problem last year - but she is a women now (spayed at 13 months).

    I am excited to be a part of this blog (is that what this is?) and can't wait to get advice, suggestions and support. Here is our girl!

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    welcome!! aryia is a pretty pup!! hopefully the trainer can give you some help with the leash issues. i'm not much help because i rarely ever walk my dogs. we live in the country with hundreds of acres of farm fields that we roam off leash.


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      She is so pretty! Maybe you could bring a toy with you to distract her from biting the leash? What is the leash made of? Leather is especially yummy. LOL Maybe tie her on a cable when camping. (Also, she is just Merle, not blue Merle).
      ~ Lisa & Rupert


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        You can also spray bitter Apple, Bitter Cherry or bitter citrus on her leash to help discourage her from chewing her leash. Also try distracting her. Getting her into a good group obedience class with a trainer can be very, very helpful.
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          She is beautiful!! How did you get pictures to upload? Im new to this group and have been trying for days ugh