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  • eating her poop

    I rescued a 4mo old puppy from a shelter she is now 5 mo old. Potty training is not going well. I have had a several issues but the most recent one is that Lady will poop in her kennel and then eat it. She has gone in there on her own and done it and also has been locked in her crate(because I can't watch her) and done it. She is not in her crate for longer than a couple of hours if I am out doing errands, otherwise I am home all day long. She is crated at night from 10pm to about 6am and can hold it all night. If I don't take her out to use the bathroom she does not seem to know to go outside or to ask. Hence, that many accidents. I use the same door, same words "potty", give treats and praise(i look and sound like and idiot) but she still goes in the house and now she eats her poop but she DOES NOT eat her poop outside. She is also a BIG scaredy cat, it is dark outside she will just stay out long enough to pee and then goes running to the door. Lots of other sounds( chickens, birds, lawn mowers, air conditioning units, bees) scare her but I don't have any control over them. What'a going on and how do I get her to stop eating her poop? Michelle

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    Poop eating is a normal dog thing.. Most puppies will do it at one time or another. Give her unsweetened pineapple.. You can also get products such as Forbid or Dis-taste to help with the issue. Make sure she is getting plenty of physical and mental stimulation.. TAKE her out every 45 -hour during the day as well as after play time, naps, eating... Make sure her crate isn't too big. The key is to TAKE her out not just put her out and be consistent.
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