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  • All of this is new to me

    Hello i am new to all of this, ive never been on a fourm and i am a first time great dane owner as of 3 days ago. Boy do i wish i would had found this fourm a few months ago. After reading a lot of posts on here i think my choice of breeder wasnt as good as i originally thought. Either way i am the very much in love and proud owner of a beautiful 6 week old dane named Herman. Any tips or advice for a first time dane mom would be great. Herman is definitely in need of some weight gain but i do know to much is not good. Hes currently eating a large half cup of large breed puppy food 3x a day but he would eat more if he could.... Should i give him more or stay at this ammount. His hip bones are what worry me the most as they stick out quite a bit. Im noticing a difference in the 3 days hes been home. Hes been such a good boy i just want him to be happy and healthy and well behaved. IMG_0107.jpg IMG_0107.jpg IMG_0107.jpg

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    welcome to DOL, you've come to the right place for some advice. i'm not well versed in the food stuff but there are a couple of members who will be along to advise you about that. all of my danes have either been from rescue or retired from showing/breeding so i've never raised a puppy. i'd rather live vicariously through you and others who do! LOL

    unfortunately, it does sound like you got your little guy from a less than reputable breeder. six weeks is far too young (and even illegal in many states) to separate a puppy from it's mom and litter mates. BUT, what's done is done so now you just travel the road as best you can with lots of help from knowledgeable people. DOL also has a facebook page that is much more active that this forum so if you are facebook savvy, you might want to check that out.

    it goes w/o saying that your puppy should not be exposed to the public (pet stores, home depot, etc., anyplace that allows pets) until he has had his vaccinations. parvovirus is rampant and highly contagious and can be deadly, especially in such a young puppy so you will have to keep your socialization efforts limited to family and close friends who come to your home.

    the next few weeks with herman should be spent at home, just bonding with you and whatever other family you have living with you, if any. you will (i suspect you have already) fall in love with this breed and while there are challenges with every dog, you will LOVE danes!!

    one thing i would suggest is looking into health insurance. because your pup came from a less than stellar breeder, there are any number of health issues, including some that are genetic, that can befall these guys. hopefully, herman will grow up big and strong and perfectly healthy!

    one last thing...DOL picture posting has been challenging, to say the least. i use Imgur. it's free and much like photobucket and very user friendly. if you need help navigating it, just holler! right now, your pics are showing up as teeny tiny thumbnails and we'd really love to see herman!

    this is my pack. my 3 girls, the 2 fawns and the harl and my mantle boy. the cropped girl is the only dane i've had over the 10+ years with the breed who didn't come from rescue.



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      Hi and welcome, unfortunately it does indeed look like you got your pup from a less then responsible breeder. First off get a fecal test done for worms... What brand of food are you feeding? That can make a huge difference... Also how long have you had the pup?
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        I will work on the pics asap. I have had herman for a week tomorrow and so far he has been amazing. I did take him to the vet monday for a check up as stated in the extensive contract that i signed upon purchasing him. He is free of worms and got a clean bill of health just needed to put on a little weight but i guess not much from what the vet said. He did come with his first shots and deworming done a few times as well. I was provided proof of his parents health testing and all of that good stuff also. Hes put on enough weight to look filled out just in the 6 days hes been home so i guess im less concerned with that now. I appreciate all of the advice given and look forward to being a part of this group.


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          so glad he got a clean bill of health! now i'm really curious about the breeder's health testing. do you know specifically what she tested for? i.e., eyes, thyroid, hips, etc.

          looking forward to seeing pics of herman!


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            Ok i need help on using this igmur if you dont mind im lost but would love to post some pics.


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              The paperwork i got with herman had a copy of testing for Hermans parents im not sure what they all stand for but there is OFA, CERF, VWD and cardiac something. I also finally figured out how to locate his parents through their AKC numbers and their testing was listed on there also which i didnt know i was just curious what their registered names were honestly. Im feeling much better about the breeder as of now. Herman tumbled off our couch yesterday and cried loudly then was limping on his front leg. I was so upset when it happened and didnt know if he would be ok or if we should rush to the vet because he was bearing weight on it and had no pain symptoms when i touched or moved it so i called her for advice, she came over right away and assured me he was ok but still suggested we go to the vet for an x-ray just to be positive and for my piece of mind. She actually drove us there and i asked her about my concerns with him being so young and she told me that she's never let a puppy go before 8 weeks until this litter. She then explained that this was the first time she bred both of her females at the same time thinking they would each have a regular litter but surprise to her hermans litter had 12 babies and 3 days later her other female had 15. Everything was going good until the 5 week mark i guess she had an issue with the food she was feeding and they all had gotten diarrhea and had to see the vet and switch foods but they all lost a bit of weight due to that meanwhile she had to repossess a dog she sold last year due to breach of contract and he yanked her arm when going to the vet after picking him up and she was in a cast. She told me how difficult it was becoming trying to make sure 27 babies were each getting the correct ammount of food 3x a day let alone 1 handed while still trying to maintain her children and life so she did speak with the vet at there 6week health check/ shots and he suggested her placing the puppys at that time since they were no longer having diarrhea, had been off of moms milk for over a week and so they could be sure to be getting the proper ammount of food to regain weight and grow. He saw how hard of a time she was having as did I. I know 6 weeks is early to come home and i did wonder if she may be just telling me a story so i contacted the vet she used from the shot record book and he answered all of my questions and confirmed it was his recommendation to place them at that time. Herman is doing amazing! He learned how to sit 2 days ago so far he comes when you call his name outside now and he seems to catch on quickly. Hes very smart. All in all i am 100% in love with this handsome boy and I've learned soooo much about dog breeders that when the day comes that i get my next dane (im already sure i will own another lol) i will know how to choose a breeder wisely or ill just rescue. The 3 other dogs ive owned in my life were rescues so this is a completely new experience for me and i really appreciate the feedback, support and advice from you guys here!


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                Ok i posted photos on imgur but when i try to paste the url here it says size limit exceeded.... Then the one that will copy is tiny still
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                  cANwYGa.jpg herman