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  • Danes and small dogs

    Curious to see if anyone has brought a pup Dane into their home with older smaller dogs. We have a 7 yr old shih tzu, 13 yr old poodle mix and a 13 yr old lab. Adding a Dane pup has sparked up our home for sure. Any advise to getting the older dogs to accept our new pup would be great. Also should we be concerned about our Dane accidentally hurting our smaller dogs? Thanks from nervous new parents.

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    Many people own Danes and smaller dogs. Introductions should be done carefully and in the same manner as you would any other dog/puppy. Supervise carefully since yes a Dane pup could accidently hurt a smaller dog when trying to play. Let the dogs accept each other on their own time..
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      A tale of cautionary woe: We had a 12 year old JRT when we brought our 8 week old Dane home. They got along ok while the Dane was small but the bigger he got the less comfortable the JRT got with him. He would bark at the Dane and jump at his face and legs. The Dane was good about ignoring him and we were to stupid to intervene or correct it. One day the most horrible thing happened. The JRT was in our hallway and the Dane didn't realize it and went to also go down the hallway but the JRT started barking at him and the Dane couldn't back out of the hallway to avoid him (one of the kids was blocking him out of pure coincidence) and he snapped at the JRT. I didn't see it happen, but the JRT had a small cut on his back, sort of near his shoulder blades, but he seemed ok afterwards, if a little sore. Two days later he started pooping black stool (which is old blood) and vomiting, he died in the car on the way to the vet. I assume it was internal bleeding.

      I agree with supervision and I think dogs of all sizes can get along. But I also agree that Danes are big enough that they can do damage with a fast corrective snap, and to always be careful.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert