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  • Delilah

    Hello everyone! I am new to owning a Great Dane, but not new to being a dog owner. I currently have a 13wk old, F, Merle. In addition to her, I have a 5 yr old gsd, and a 10 yr old chihuahua and 2 cats. I understand that a growing giant breed is much different than a growing large/medium/small/toy breed, so I wanted to find a community of others familiar with Danes, and get all the advice/input thatís out there. My daneís name is Delilah and also responds to Lilah Bear.

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    Hi and welcome. One very important thing for a growing Dane 12 months and under is to feed a good quality food with a safe calcium/phosphorous level.. Definitly not over 1.5 calcium, 1.0 phosphorous.. it is best however to have calcium 1.2 and phosphorous .08. Do NOT over feed.. Watch excess calories. Keep your Dane a nice healthy lean with the last 2-3 ribs barely visible..Start training asap. Do not over vaccinate.
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