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Ear tapping?

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  • Ear tapping?

    Has anybody ever done natural ear tapping ? Is it good or bad thing to due my danes ears look as if they are bigining to stand up ,?

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    if your dog's ears are natural, they will not stand up like cropped ears will. how old is your dane? during teething, a dane's ears will often get all wonky looking. the answer to your question is yes, natural ears can be taped so they lay down properly but they cannot be taped to make them stand like cropped ears.


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      There is nothing wrong with taping a natural eared Dane's ears down to have them lay with a proper set and not go "flying nun". Here's a site that shows how to do it.
      ~ Lisa & Rupert


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        Hes 6 months i alredy tried the taping but for some reason it only worked for 2 days and they keep going right back up they stay nice floopy down for about to days and they are all ove the place again anithing else tjat would help beside ear croping


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          It is too late to crop now..Also taping natural or cropped takes weeks even months not just a few days..
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