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Puppy eats everything!

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  • Puppy eats everything!

    Hello so my dane is going on 6 months and im not shure y he likes to put everything he sees in his mouth, he likes to eat everything that he sees on floor is this normal? He jas so many chew toys he can chew on its pretty hard leving him inside the house by him self he tries to eat everything has anybody gone true this ? Can anybody help and let me know wat im doing wrong? Everytime we in living room waching tv he just wants to put everything in hos mouth help! Thanks

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    that is very typical puppy behavior and he's probably teething, too. any time you see him pick something up that you don't want him to have, exchange the item for something that he's allowed. you will simply have to be vigilant as puppies will not only chew but will swallow things like socks, etc., which can lead to a blockage which can lead to a full blown emergency. when you are not home, under no circumstances should you be leaving him loose in the house. there are so many things, electrical cords being just one, that a puppy can chew and get seriously injured. he needs to be crated when you aren't there. you can give him a kong stuffed with peanut butter and frozen, it will keep him busy long enough to tire him out and he'll nap. at 6 months, he can be left for a few hours but if he isn't crate trained yet, you will have to do that first.


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      Thank you for your response yes my puppy is crate trained is just that he sees everything and he wants to eat it not shire why i allredy due the kong with peanut butter , i just dont want him to get sick and eat something hes not soposto im allways waching him when hes rooming around rhe house i due leave him round around in back yard and i also notise he likes to chew on the grass ,how long is this gonna be hapening is it because hes hungry? Hes 16 weeks to be exact


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        Normal puppy behavior... no way of knowing how long it will last...some dogs will only go through a short stage of a few weeks but it can last several months and some dogs are that way for life. Supervision, keeping things picked up, confining when can't be supervised, training, mental and physical stimulation. Eating grass is also normal.. Many dogs do it seasonally, some do it as long as there is won't hurt them and doesn't mean they are hungry or lacking anything.
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