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Senior parents of a one year old Dane

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  • Senior parents of a one year old Dane

    Hi. We have a one year old Dane and my husband and I are in our early sixties. I have a soft coat wheaten terrier also. As for other critters, we have a parrot, 3 horses, cats and canaries. I have three grown children and 3 wonderful grandchildren. This is my second Dane. My first and still the love of my life was a deaf white. Being deaf didn't bother him and he was the best dog I ever owned and over my 60+ years we have had many dogs. I have never been without at least one in my life. It took me 4 years to decide to get another Dane. I was worried my husband and I were too old for a giant dog. We probably are, but he will be the last dog I own...Or does he own me? Some times I'm not sure. My biggest worry is controlling him. He weighs over 130 and growing. We started puppy classes when we got him and he is so excitable. I know Danes are slow to mature. We couldn't continue because of family problems and want to find some one to help us train him. But in the mean time I was wondering about what type of harness do you use to stop pulling? I don't want to be that grandmother getting dragged off her feet. Thanks for listening Kim

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    We use a Halti style “head harness” called a “Snoot Loop,” (online orders only I believe) plus additional training to discourage pulling. As an example, the minute Zoomer starts to pull, I will do an “about face” and turn and walk the opposite direction. Alternately, I might stop dead, wait for him to look back at me and step back, slackening the leash, before I allow the walk to continue. If you are very consistent with this approach, manners will improve. If not, they will still pull, even with a head or any other style harness.

    Zoomer walks pretty nicely with me, despite being in a very stimulating environment (horticultural gardens and lakeside path with wildlife). My husband? Not so much. Because he doesn’t use the additional training, and Zoomer knows he can get away with it. Grrrrrrr...
    -Lisa (Zoomer's mom)