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    I just rescued a 6 year old male great Dane. We named him Maraduke but call him Duke for short. Right now we just finished his shots for heartworm and are starting to put his weight back on slowly cause when he was found he weighted 97lbs. When he came home he was at 94lbs. Today he weighted in at 118lbs. We are working closely with our vet, but I want to see if anyone here had any advice that would help.

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    Make sure to feed a good quality food..stay away from high grain/plant ingredient foods especially ones that contain corn, wheat, soy (like Purina, Iam/Eukanuba, Science Diet, Royal Canin) put the weight on slowly..I would suggest adding a good probiotic or Plain Yogurt (regular or Greek) daily along with fish oil and/or coconut oil.
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