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    I'm a new member introducing myself. I'm a long time Great Dane owner, I've had six Great Danes of my own, and two fosters. I've also had three Irish Wolfhounds, and one Borzoi Hound. Most were rescues, a few came from breeders. I currently have a two year old black Great Dane girl named Tempest and a four year old brindle designer sighthound named Zephyr. I adopted both of them a year ago. I lost the great canine love of my life the truly Great dane Simba to stomach cancer last March and started looking for a dog to patch the enormous hole in my heart. The local Great Dane Rescue didn't have a dog that was suitable for me so I cast a wider net searching Petfinder in a 500-mile radius for giant breed dogs. I found Zephyr (called Duke) at a greyhound rescue several hundred miles away. He'd been found starving in the desert, so emaciated he was in his last days. The rescue did a DNA test on him and discovered that he is 40% Irish Wolfhound, 30% Borzoi Hound, and 15% each Scottish Deerhound and Greyhound. They know of a breeder that is creating designer sighthounds for hunting in the area, and assume that he came from there. They were having trouble placing him because he's so large, and we're very happy when I put it in application for him. The day I got approved, local Great Dane Rescue called me. They had a rebound, a 14 month old girl who'd already been in five homes with three names and just couldn't find a place. They had no fosters available for her and were having to kennel her. They asked me to adopt or foster her, and with permission from the other rescue I agreed to adopt both. I've never had two dogs who love one another so much. Tempest is a sweet baby with a serious fear problem which I posted about in the behavioral forum. Zephyr is calm and loving. He's been approved to become a Delta Society pet therapy animal. Simba and I served for five years with Paws for Love. I haven't started volunteering with Zephyr yet because I worry about Tempest having separation anxiety. I've started taking them on separate half hour walks for her to get used to the idea of being alone.

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