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New Great Dane puppy 8 months old, help!.

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  • New Great Dane puppy 8 months old, help!.

    Hello, I am new to Danes Online. We just got our Great Dane pup on Sunday. She is almost 9 months old already. I kind of feel like she came from a puppy mill situation. The lady had lots of Danes and other pups to sell, but she seemed to be attached to the pup I bought. She kept telling me that the pup never left her side, but that her husband said that she had to get rid of her because they had too many. I see a few signs that maybe she wasn't taken care of the best. She is pretty thin, ribs are showing. Also she has something going on with her eyes. They are a little droopy and I can see some sort of membrane(entropion?) My immediate issue is the fact that she is petrified of us. Well, she has became attached to my 13 year old son. She follows him everywhere and if I walk into his room, she lunges and barks at me. Maybe she just needs some time to warm up to me, but I am concerned. I can't even take her out to pee because she just lays down and won't move for me. If I try to touch her, she pulls away or runs from me. I have tried giving her treats and approaching her very slowly and softly, nothing works. What can I do to remedy this? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.