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Hello everyone. New to Great Danes

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  • Hello everyone. New to Great Danes

    Hi my name is Gayln and I have a new puppy, Ruby. She is 8 weeks old yesterday. I have had her for just over a week. Shes a beautiful, all black Dane with a white belly and white around her paws. Shes great, Im in trying to give her the best I can. I do have a few questions for anyone. Im in Columbus, OH. Does anyone know a Great Dane vet local? Id like to find her a vet that loves large breed dogs. Also any tips/tricks on training/raising a dane would be awesome. Thanks

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    Welcome Gayln and your new puppy Ruby. The best advise I can give is to contact local vet hospitals and ask for referrals for a vet that has experience with Great Danes. The breed does have special healthcare needs so its important that the vet can show you the amount of experience he/she has. I too am looking for a new experienced vet because the vet that I have been going to for the past decades all of sudden quit the vet hospital and left no forwarding. I am looking for a vet with experience and with experience with ear cropping.

    Puppies normally don't leave their litter until after 8 weeks and I am not sure why that is but I would give special attention to bonding and socialization. My pup is the 7th Dane for me and in the past I have had 2 blacks with white on the chest and they were wonderful. Please let us know how the pups development is progressing. They grow up so fast.