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  • New to here and have some questions

    Hello, my name is Donna. I absolutely love danes. Since I normally adopt I have Capone a 5 year old dane/corso mix, Molly and 2 year old dane/poodle(standard) mix and Bessie and 9 week old harlequin dane. Our biggest baby passed away in November, Cloe was dane/lab and the best, she was abused and it caused her great pain in her old age. We kept her as comfortable as we could and she passed away in her sleep. Our newest baby is our first dane only and while I always feed according to the way a dane should be fed, the others were all on puppy food to start. I have her on adult food and am wondering how do I measure it out. Also I want to build a dog house for them for when we are in the yard. They all love to be where ever I am but the yard doesnt have great shade. Anyone ever build one and have any recommendations? Lastly, Molly is my big baby, she is very jealous of Bessie and while she isnt being aggressive towards her I can tell she would rather Bessie not live here. I have looked up tons on google and have tried rewarding her everytime shes nice with affection and treats. So she figured out that by being nice she gets the reward. So instead of being mean to the puppy she has started going in the trash, chewing my comforter, opening the front door to let herself out and ignoring me when I call her name. Any advice on getting my spoiled baby to be back to her normal sweet self would be great. Capone is easy going and great with the transition.

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    You measure it out with a standard 8 oz cup. The adult food is probably ok, but iíd feed a Lg Breed Puppy formula.


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      The puppy formula has too much protein for giant breeds according to everything I have read. My question was how much should she be getting. Her weight isnt on the bag


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        Lg Breed Puppy Food is the one, not regular puppy food. Possibly what youíve been reading is out of date. Protein is no longer considered an issue. Anyway for your main concern, use feeding charts for a guide only. Each dog is different and thereís no correct amount of food for Danes. You have to go by looks. You want your puppy slim with 2 or 3 ribs showing. Adjust food in approx 1/2 cup increments per day if necessary. Donít overfeed especially a puppy.


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          BTW while protein isnít a concern, calcium / phosphorus are. Calcium should be no more than 1.5% and phosphorus no more than 1%. Almost all Large Breed Puppy Foods are at the correct levels. Good luck with your Dane puppy.