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New Member - Dane with Issues of Vaginal Leaking

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  • New Member - Dane with Issues of Vaginal Leaking

    Hello, my name is Alicia and I am new to this forum. I decided to join so I could hopefully get some answers about a particular issue we are having now. And I want to learn more about other people's experience owning Great Danes. We have a female Fawn, Layla, who is 6-1/2 years old. She joined our family when she was 13 weeks old. When she was young, she had a creamy discharge from her vagina so we put her on probiotics, which seemed to help. Now she is having leaking problem with a clear liquid and at times it's like she's peeing. But it's clear and not yellow and she can't seem to control it. We took her to the Vet and the Vet was mystified that this was happening because she has been spayed and doesn't have anything inside to have such an issue. Vet thought she has a bit of an infection and now we put her on antibiotics. Just wondering if any other owners have had this issue with their Dane about this age.

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    Sounds like incontinence, which is an unfortunate complication associated with some spays.
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