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Reversing a gastropexy ?

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  • Reversing a gastropexy ?

    Hey everyone,

    I had my Dane of a year and five months spayed and gastropexied 3 weeks ago. At first she was only eating very very little but she was eating. After about a week, she could no longer hold down her food and she started puking every time she ate. So we switched to wet food mix with some rice as the vet insisted. They also gave her an anti-nausea shot which lasted 24 hours,which worked but after the 24 hours she started throwing up again after meals. She wants to eat she just cannot hold it down. She is still acting normal(when she isnít puking) and is still going to the bathroom fine but less often because she doesnít have any food to pass through. Vet thinks that my Dane just canít handle the Pexi and wants to reverse it? Anyone ever been in the same situation or heard of anything like that? My pup is down about 20lbs and I just want her back to normal.

    Thanks in advance!

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    That seems odd. I've never heard of a dane not being able to handle a gastropexy. Is the vet you used experienced with pexys? I'm curious if there is more going on than her just not being able to handle the pexy.


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      The vet has a Dane and really likes working with big dogs, which is why we chose this vet. I was questioning if there were any complication with the surgery but after about the third trip back they wanted to do a sonogram to verify everything was correct and the vet confirmed that nothing was wrong with the tacks. Multiple vets now are working on her case trying to get us an answer but nothing yet besides her body might not be adjusting to it like most dogs. The vets said they have read/heard cases like this but itís very rare.


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        Perhaps you don't understand exactly how a gastropexy works. First and foremost, it doesn't / shouldn't interrupt the stomach at all. In most instances (I say this because some procedures might have slight deviations), there is a small incision in the stomach (not all the way through) and a small incision in the sidewall (again, not all the way through) and then sewn together. That is the most common way it's done. As it heals, it becomes an adhesion. It should hold the stomach in the proper position and not effect the stomach at all... IF the procedure was done correctly. While some dogs have issues with anesthesia and tend to be pukey afterwards and take a bit to come around, it doesn't sound like that is the case with your dane, considering the time that has passed. Generally speaking, a gastropexy in and of itself is pretty benign. There should be no major change to the stomach that should cause her not to be able to "handle it".

        I would ask specifically what there is to handle. If the procedure was done properly, the stomach is the proper position, etc., then what do they think is off? In all the danes on DOL that have had a gastropexy, I have never heard of such a thing. Sure, there have been issues but it's a problem with the procedure itself, not just a "can't handle it" issue. It must be rare indeed, as they told you.

        Listen, here is the best and most honest advise I can give you. I would seek out another opinion from a vet who is very experienced in doing the procedure. If she continues to have major issues, I suspect they will have to go in and fix whatever problem there is. I'd put my cold hard cash on such a "rare" case is really that there is a flaw with the procedure. It has happened.

        I dunno... I don't buy it. And I suggest you don't either without getting another opinion from a surgeon that is greatly experienced in the procedure and if possible, very experienced in giant breeds.

        Best of luck. Hope you find the answers you are seeking.



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          there is a member here from many years ago who had a female dane that had stomach issues. after much trial and error, i believe they discovered that her pexi was done wrong. i don't recall all of the details because it's been so long ago but i'm sure many of the older members here would remember emily and jazz.

          i'm with angel on this one, i would definitely get a second opinion. if you have a vet school near you, i would maybe try there first.


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            I'm agreeing with the others... If done correctly there should be nothing "not to handle"..I would get another opinion from a very Dane experienced vet.. Owning a Dane and liking to work with big dogs does not make a vet experienced with them.
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              Errors in tacking happen. The vet who tacked my boy came highly recommended and has performed the procedure innumerable times. He said that he has corrected tacks that were done incorrectly by other vets and the primary symptom seen in these cases was vomiting. The odds that she "isn't tolerating" the tack makes no sense to me.