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    Hello! My name is Nicole Im new to this forum. I have a 4.5 month old Great Dane named Hawkeye. We got him as skin and bones so were still putting weight on him. He has gained 15lbs in the month weve had him . He eats blue buffalo basics grain free. Hawkeye also just started puppy training classes! Im not really sure which kind he is? Its all been conflicting info. His inner legs and belly plus his face look Merle coloring the rest looks harlequin. Im told hes a Merle mantle, mismarked harlequin,harlequinn, blue Merle or a merlequinn lol so Jonestly not sure what he is called.
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      The picture is too tiny... As far as food goes be very, very careful...make sure that calcium/phosphorous is not over the safe limit and do NOT over feed... it can lead to serious growth issues.. Also Dane puppies should be lean... the last 2-3 ribs should just be visible... The hips & spine should not show.. A Dane puppy should never be chunky. As far as merle Danes it is simply merle not blue merle.
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