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    We will be shipping our Navy son's Dane to him in Hawaii in November. He is serving his quarantine period here with us rather than over there where he would be kept in a kennel for 4 months. He is currently 6 months old and about 70 lbs. in November who knows how large he will be. No one will be on the flight with him. We expect that we will have to drive him from Phoenix to Los Angeles to ship from there. We have the 700 crate and will get the extender kit to make it taller, unless he is just to big by then and we have to build a custom crate. My questions are: does anyone have the airline specifications for building a crate? Also, has anyone experienced shipping to Hawaii? Are there alternatives to commercial airlines, such as cargo only planes, that anyone has experience with? And lastly, is there ever any possibility of taking a Dane into the passenger cabin and flying with them?
    This is a huge undertaking on a Navy salary. Son didn't know he was being transferred before he got the puppy.

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    Well, I didn't think it is a problem now. The thing is that when I traveled with my puppy a year ago with the help, they have just provided all the paperwork. And nobody told me anything about the puppy or refused to pass on board.
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