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  • Pretty Specific Kibble Question

    Hi All,

    I posted recently about a senior dane 9.5 yrs old who has been having tummy issues pretty frequently.

    Talking to my vet after a follow up appointment she has put him on IAMs Veterinary Formula for Sensitive Stomach. Here's the link for the ingredients/content of what he's on now:

    I'm looking for an alternative, preferably cheaper but still going to keep my old man regular.

    The criteria from the vet on what kind of food to look for are:
    Sensitive subject and/or limited ingredients
    not blue buffalo (they did not specify why)
    lower than 5% fat content

    A poster on my previous thread recommended, "The Iams is full of fillers, so it usually will help diarrhea. It's a poor quality food, honestly, but sometimes, older dogs can have problems with better, richer, more meat-based foods. You definitely can get the same quality food for about a third of the cost of any Iams vet formula. Find any two or three star, grain inclusive food on and that would be about the same. I would recommend a four star, grain inclusive kibble"

    I'm looking at the Kirkland Super Premium Healthy Weight Dog Formula which seems to have comparable ingredients to the IAMS, with the fat content being low but the Fiber content being pretty high comparatively. I guess since it's a healthy weight formula.

    Here's the link for the ingredients of the Kirkland brand I was looking at for him:

    Does anyone have any thoughts? I know the Protein is high, but he's 9.5 I'm less worried about that at this point and more worried about keeping him regular.

    Thoughts? Other suggestions? Any helps is greatly appreciated.
    **Lindsey and Zinn**

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    Try it and see. I definitely recommend switching from Iams, it is SO overpriced for the relative low quality food that it is.

    Considering your situation, you just need to find what works well for your boy. There are no growth issues to consider. You're already taking fat into account (don't want those seniors carrying around extra weight). You know you want some fillers in it so don't go grain-free. Other than that, just try to find something decent at a price point that you are comfortable with that meets your criteria and that your boy likes and does well on.

    I'm sure they said no Blue Buffalo because of all the issues dogs have had on it all over the country. Google it, its been a big deal on social media for a while now.
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      Wow, you learn something every day. I had heard in passing about the Blue Buffalo controversy but I think it had to do with a recall and didn't pay attention since mine never ate it.

      We've been happily settled into the Kirkland version of Taste of the Wild, Nature's Domain for years now. Only had to worry when they had a recall.
      **Lindsey and Zinn**


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        I too fed Kirkland's Natures Domain (grain free salmon and sweet potato and yes...the Costco version of Diamond's TOTW) for several years and was very happy with it. Prior to that I fed Kirkland Super Premium (which has rice in the formula). That formula is similar to Premium Edge, another Diamond product. The Kirkland dog foods are made by Diamond.

        I was happy with both but eventually made the switch to raw when my adults were 8 and 8 1/2 years old.

        I think either of the Costco (Kirkland) brands are about the best you can get for the money. There are other higher quality foods out there but if you are on a budget, you can't beat them for the price.

        If you feed kibble...always keep an eye out for recalls. I was feeding Nature's Domain when it was recalled and Costco happily returned my money when I took 3 or 4 bags back to them. Fortunately I didn't have any health related issues due to the recall
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