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Front Leg Amputation

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  • Front Leg Amputation

    Hi there, we are looking for any suggestions on 'gear' for our 2 year old Dane who will have his front right leg amputated this Monday. We originally thought it was a sprain, but xrays showed a large lesion on his shoulder; we will find out afterwards if we are facing osteocarcoma or a benign tumor. We chose to amputate before biopsy because either situation would require it due to the bone loss, and we want to put him through as few surgeries as possible.

    We currently have the Ezydog Convert harness but are wondering if it is sturdy enough to allow us to assist him comfortably.

    We are also wondering if anyone has a tri pawd Dane and what weight they keep them at. He is currently at 137 and we do plan to slim him down a bit, but we were looking for some guidelines.

    We have come across some sites for gear for tripawd dogs, but we are looking for some Dane specific suggestions. We want to make sure we are fully prepared to ease him into his new life. Thanks!

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    We had a puppy amputee dane so I can't help much on the weight other than to say I know they are supposed to stay lean to help ease joint stress.

    I know there are vests available that slip over the remaining leg and offer padding and coverage to the amputation site.

    We made sure to have rugs and runners on the slick surfaces for our boy. Good luck on the surgery and I'm sure he will adjust to the three legged life


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      I just noticed you're in Phoenix. Check out out canine physical therapy of the Southwest. They are in gilbert, but he may have some resources to help point you in the right direction. We started going to see Jeffrey about 1-2 months ago. He's very knowledgeable about dogs, dog mobility and giant breeds. He's got about 5 mastiffs. Good luck!!!


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        Good luck for a safe and speedy recovery! We will be thinking about him on Monday. Keep us updated.
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          Any updates? Hoping all goes smoothly!