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Best flea treatment in washington?

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  • Best flea treatment in washington?

    Yes, so I have a four month old great dane puppy named Merlin. I dog sit for our friends dog and she was being treated for fleas. So of course my luck, Merlin is now infested. Not horribly but I want to nip it in the bud before it gets worse. I just moved to Washington state and I know certain flea treatments work differently in areas around the globe so does anyone have any experience with certain treatments? I havent gotten around to asking my vet yet but that is my next step. Just trying to avoid trial and error. Let me know! Thanks Alot!

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    i've lived in washington for years now and have had a few dogs but i think only one has ever had fleas (we usually use prevention) sadly i'm not sure what my mom used on that dog but it was probably some kind of advantage. from what i've experienced we don't usually get fleas bad in washington since we have a freezing period in the winter.


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      My airedale's name is Merlin! I don't live in Washington, but I use Sentry fiproguard (cheaper version of frontline) and it works fine for my dogs, did for my dane as well.
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        I use trifexis with my Dane and for my heeler mix, pro heart and comfortis for fleas. Never have any issues with fleas. I live in the southeast and front line seems to have lost its effectiveness from what I hear from clients. Good old blue dawn dish detergent is good for getting rid of the ones they have.


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          I wouldn't use anything other than Diatomaceous Earth on a four month old pup. I get it at Lumino Wellness


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            Re-WA state fleas

            I'm in Washington State also and I have found that Frontline and Advantage have stopped working for my dogs and cat.
            We currently use Comfortis and while it isn't cheap, it works great for (almost) the full 30 days.