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  • "Severe Allergies"

    Seriously, if it isn't one thing its another!

    Last night I noticed several bumps on Sadie's skin, some of the bumps were scabby and Sadie didn't seem pleased when I touched them. I took her to the vet today and even though my normal vet wasn't in and the other vets did not have any appointments they took her in the back to take a look. The vet that saw her said that she had "severe allergies" and gave us Cephalexin and Atarax pills, Panalog cream and Epi-smooth shampoo and now that I am looking at the invoice they also gave her "Vetalog injectable".

    The only thing I have changed is her food so I am assuming that is the culprit. I started switching her from Innova to TOTW grain free Pacific stream formula. The innova is turkey/chicken based and the TOTW is Salmon. Do you think it could be the meat base that she is allergic to or could it be something else about the grain free? I'm not sure if this would be a factor but the switch was happening slowly she got 1/3 cup TOTW and 1 cup Innova 3xs/day for two days.

    Has anyone else had issues with this? Hopefully this wasn't something that was my fault =( I feel pretty bad, especially since Sadie was absolutely LOVING the TOTW!!
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