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Gentle Giant Rescue in CA?

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  • Gentle Giant Rescue in CA?

    Anyone heard of this rescue? My boss(a dog lover and great dane lover) gave me the website because I have 3 danes and she said they sell food specifically for large breeds.
    I looked over their massive website. At first I thought it was great but upon doing some research online I notice A LOT of complaints through BBB and reviews through yahoo. Now I know you can't please everyone but but the sheer number of "problems" some people encountered alarmed me...not to mention apperently they are asking for $900 adoption fees!

    I don't live in CA but I was considering buying their food...any thoughts?
    I'm currently feeding Costco's Kirkland's best dog food with no grain and all natural ingredients(I compare it to Nutro Max) If I could I would be feeding my 3 girls Canidae or Innova but times are hard and I try to afford the BEST food possible on my budget!
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    You will get a ton of responses...but I am familiar with them. No to the "rescue" and no to the food (or anything that supports that place)

    Costco's Nature's Domain is great food. 4 out of 5 stars on
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      Yeah, I've heard NOTHING good about them. I think if you use the search function on this forum some things may pop up because I remember reading it here.
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        I have a friend who has adopted 3 danes thru them and has been perfectly happy. Her dogs did come to her sick with little medical and one had an undiagnosed megaesophagus issue but she will still continue adopting from them.

        I applied and was denied due to the fence requirements (altho I could have lied since they do no home checks). Which after I did some research on the group, I was fine with. I have heard nothing but bad things about them since. I would not get the food either. They actually require all their adoptive homes to use that food, and that food only (or at least they used to)..........that was the first big red flag I had about the place. My friend gets out of it b/c of stomach/allergy problems with both her dogs.

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          I would stick with Kirkland, I believe it's diamond brand and they make fine food.
          I would not use their food.


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            Google: "truth about gentle giants" for more info


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              Originally posted by DANEger View Post
              Google: "truth about gentle giants" for more info
              I hate to say this but some of the adopters sound like they should have went to a breeder. Some wanted purebred puppies with normal social interaction.
              Some apparently didn't really want a rescue.
              I hate to defend the people but what's it matter if Burt charges time to run a website. A bunch of rescue operators pay themselves esp when they spend all their time doing the rescue.
              Now something is very wrong when a rescue always has 8- 12 week old pups. When a rescue has unaltered dog population that is running around together then those aren't oops litters that intentional laziness


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                Originally posted by pinky4289 View Post
                I notice A LOT of complaints through BBB
                This should be the first clue.
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