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    Diamond naturals lamb and rice formula has been recalled for concerns it's been contaminated with salmonella. This was delivered to 12 states but thus far no humans or animals have gotten sick.

    States: al, fl, ga, ky, mich, Maryland, ny, nc, Ohio, penn, sc, va

    Just an FYI
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    I've heard from a couple people who feed Diamond Natural's CHICKEN and rice that their dogs are becoming ill. There has been no recall on that formula but if it were me I'd be keeping the UPC and a sample just in case...
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      Thanks for the heads up! I never would have known!


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        We feed Diamond Naturals BEEF and Rice (not my preference, but it's the only thing my boy will eat on a regular basis).
        He's now battling bloody diarrhea and isn't eating. He's been to the vet and she thinks it's the food--although 2 others here were eating it.

        I've been in contact with Diamond, and they will be researching the bag/batch (and sending a refund because I will not use it anymore.)

        ETA: it was a new bag, we just started end of last week.
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