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***Lump on Cheeks***

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  • ***Lump on Cheeks***

    Im not sure if it's normal, but do great danes usually have lumpy cheeks? the area below the eyes.

    I just noticed this morning that there are 2 lumps on each cheek. more pronounced i guess...

    they are symmetrical but i don't know. can you guys check your danes if they have boney cheeks? near below the eyes. i will post some pics.

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    It's normal. Don't worry. Zeus' are getting more pronounced now that he's lost a little weight with his cancer.
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      Omg, so as soon as I posted this thread, I just had to check him further, I'm so glad I did! I opened his mouth and there I saw a twig stuck across the roof of his mouth. It must have been there for 4 days he got a hold of some shrubs in the yard last tuesday.
      So the lump was caused by that. Its smaller now. I knew sumthin wasn't right. I'm glad we found it. Hope he'll be fine. He seems relieved.


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        Wow! Good thing you checked! Id see your vet for some antibiotics if it roughed up the mouth, the flora in there can get really nasty.
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          OMG, glad youg got the stick out!
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