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best flea/tick treatment?

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  • best flea/tick treatment?

    This is in regards to our two dogs (yorkies), and 2 cats. Sorry it's not dane related, I haven't been lucky enough to get my dane just yet! But I figured many members on this forum are both conscientious dog owners, and also a fair amount of breeders on the board.

    I'm wanting to know what is both effective and the safest.

    We have tried:
    Most recently revolution

    Revolution seemed to make our one cat very lethargic and not wanting to eat for several days BOTH times we applied it 3 months apart. I don't want to use it on him again.

    Having the medicine work for fleas AND ticks is very very important. NO TICKS!

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    I had posted a thread in here earlier this year concerning my battle with fleas as well. I had spent innumerable amounts of money on just about every flea treatment available with no success. It wasn't until I spoke to a friend and found out about "Flea Nematodes" that I actually won the war after 3 years of fighting a losing battle. Flea Nematodes are a Live critter that you spray into your yard and they eat nothing but adult and baby fleas. I have not seen even one flea in 3 months now. We were getting bitten at least 10 times a day prior and the poor dogs were getting eaten alive.

    Along with the nematodes, I give a product called Program Plus. It is an ingestible pill that will kill any stray flea that happens to get through the Nematodes. I order the Nematodes from a company called "Gardens Alive" and they are extremely cheap. I sprayed them onto my front and back yard one time, and let me tell you, I have a very large back yard. You do need to water your yard daily for them to survive.
    Good luck, Kathy

    My dogs may not be my whole life, but they make my life whole.