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red eyes?

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  • red eyes?

    ive seen danes with this before. i was just wondering if its normal. ollie has this whole "sad eye" thing going on.

    i wanted to know that this is just a breed thing.

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    There are three common issues seen in GDs.

    One is Cherry Eye. This will suddenly appear at the side of the eye. It is a pinkishy reddish gland, looks kind of oval.

    The second is Everted Cartiledge. This appears more white or pinkish. The cartiledge grows bent and pushes the tissues of the eye out.

    The third are haws or droopy eyes. These look like a Basset Hound eye. This is caused by the structure of the skull and the droopy skin around the eye. Haws are a fault. They can collect debri and need cleaning out. But, not otherwise a health problem. Not desirable for a Great Dane head.

    You could google these to see pictures. Cherry Eye and Everted Cartiledge require surgery. Haws are mostly cosmetic. I can't tell by the pictures. Picture 2 looks like Everted Cartiledge. You would need to go to a Vet, preferably a Opthamologist Vet to determine what it really is.


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      Not related to the ey issue - but how could anyone ever resist that face? Oh. My. Gosh. What an adorable dog!
      Second hand dogs = first class love!


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        I agree with Saharadane, the 2nd picture could be normal but could also be everted/scrolled cartilage. I would get a vet's opinion. Very adorable pup for sure! HTH!
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          thanks, i asked his doctor this morning, and he said it was "just droopy eyes" that he saw no sign of cherry eye (which is what i initially thought it was, but i wasnt sure because normally with cherry eye there is usually a bump.) he said it was a normal thing for this breed.

          thanks for the comments, hes my handsome spoiled man! haha


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            Originally posted by emilyisasecret View Post
            ive seen danes with this before. i was just wondering if its normal. ollie has this whole "sad eye" thing going on.

            i wanted to know that this is just a breed thing.
            Ollie's eyes look good to me! He's a looker too Seems like you can just see the third eyelid, which isn't a problem. If the tissue under the third eyelid starts to protrude, then there might be a problem. We are in the process of doing this now, as our dog's eye's looked like your dogs and then one day he woke up and the tissue was popped over the eyelid. If your dog is over a year, I think the chances of the tissue protruding are minimal. Our vet said it mostly happens as they are growing, or from birth, as the cartilage sometimes isn't strong enough to hold. Good Luck!


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              thanks so much!! i wanna see befores and afters!


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                I think it's also normal. On lightly colored Danes, especially Harls, most of what you see is the nictitating membrane. He doesn't appear to have haws (he actually has pretty tight looking bottom eye lids). If you see lot of Harls (in person) look at their eyes and you'll see that this is very common. Turner has one eye with black rimmed nictitating membranes that really make that eye look nice and tight. His other eye has pink, which gives the effect of loose eyes but it isn really, just the effect of having pink rimmed membranes.
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