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Anyone dealt with toe amputation?

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  • Anyone dealt with toe amputation?

    Poor Kooka slid down a dirt hill about 5 or 6 months ago. I didn't notice any damage until about 2 to 4 weeks later. There was a firm swollen area on one of his toes. It's right on the side of the bone that the nail goes into. It is oozing a very small amount of discharge from where the nail comes out. When I noticed it, there was actually some soft tissue portruding out from below the nail, but a course of anti biotics and anti inflammatories calmed the portrusion down but the lump on the side of the toe remains. I have tried three courses of two different kinds of anti biotics (He was on one course for 4 weeks) as well as two courses of anti inflammatories. The lump won't go away, and there is still a small amount of discharge from the nail. It doesn't seem to bother him too much, he licks at it maybe once or twice a day, not enough to cause any problems from agitation. He doesn't limp, but he does seem to favor the other paw ever so slightly.

    At this point, my vet thinks that a toe amputation is the only way to resolve this since it has been so long. The vet doesn't think it will get better on its own (since its been 5 or 6 months now and is not getting any better or any worse). The vet doesn't think more antibiotics are going to help since the month long course didn't seem to affect it. Also, the vet doesn't think there is a foreign body wedged up in there because he feels that if there were, the symptoms would be much worse.

    Has anyone had to deal with a toe amputation before? If so, what issue occured causing you to have it done and how was the recovery? I am NOT looking forward to this at all. I know the recovery is going to be a nightmare and I can't imagine poor Kooka missing one of his pads. The vet thinks they MIGHT be able to save the pad if they can get all of the infection out by just removing the last digit on the toe with the nail. I hope this is the cas but won't know until afte the procedure.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    hmmm, I would be worried about balance if you removed a toe. I would do VERY thorough research on the subject before committing to amputation.

    Here is a link that might give you some ideas about medicine suggestions!

    Good luck!

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      Toe amputation

      Yes, I have had two danes that had to have a toe amputated. One broke his toe and the other one had an infection that wouldn't clear up. They do fine without the toe. One had a slight limp the other didn't.


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        My dalmatian had a toe amputated when she was about 3. she had a tumor in the toe. The toe was amputated. She lived happily with no limp, no lump and no problem until she died at 13.



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          I've known a few dogs that had a toe amputated. They also did fine. You will need to keep an e-collar on him after surgery to keep him from licking it. I'm wondering if you put an e-collar on him now if it would help. It's highly possible he is licking it more than you think he is. Good luck.
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            I am facing the same decision as you, my Dane also have a problem on his toe, from licking an old wound and we have tried everything and many different vets and different antibiotics, the reason it will not heal is the constant licking. I have tried e collars, no bite collars, boots, socks, ductape but to know avail.
            Some vets think I should amputate the toe but does not think it will stop the obsession with licking the area, it will only remove the constant inflamed toe.
            My vet told me the recovery is tuff and and painful but it will not affect the gait.
            I have so far spent 7000 dollars on this toe alone, we have had several surgeries done also to know avail.
            I have a feeling your dog is licking the wound and that is why it will not heal.
            Let me know what you decide.


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              One of the Vets at our office specializes in Sighthounds and we have a Greyhound rescue that brings in ALL of the off the track dogs. She also has several Whippets and does fly ball with them. None of hers has needed any yet, but she gets a following from that as well and we see all kinds of toe issues from them! I have seen several toe amputations and all seem to do just fine.

              I agree that is a painful process though and can be difficult to get healed. Keeping your dog from ANY licking at all is very important in the healing process. Good luck!
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                Our GreyhoundX had a toe amputated when she was young. She severely broke it. She's never had any problems since, no limp, no lump, no licking.
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                  Toe Amp

                  I personally dont have exp but my boss at work had to get her boxers toe amputated due to a large mass growing on it.

                  She was fine though once it healed limping and runs around fine.

                  She came to work with the dr every day ..we would clean it and put on an ecollar.

                  We took the stiches out the other day and it healed up fine..and shes running around like normal now.


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                    Originally posted by Brut View Post
                    The vet doesn't think it will get better on its own (since its been 5 or 6 months now and is not getting any better or any worse).
                    I think I would take her somewhere else for a 2nd opinion if possible. I went down to Mexico a long time ago and was learning to surf when I hit the heel of my foot on a rock. It bled a little and I thought I cleaned it out really well, but that area on my heel just always had a little bump and was a little red. Nothing major. About 1.5 years later, it was bothering me one day so I picked at it a little and whaddya know...a little piece of rock comes out. No puss, no ooze, just a little piece of rock.

                    Guess what I'm trying to say is that maybe there is a foreign object in there, and its just big enough NOT to cause a bunch of problems and yet NOT allow it to heal.
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                      I hate a big dog before that had half his foot removed caused by stepping on something ( I dont know what) And he made it thru it fine. He did everything after recovery any dog does so dont worry get it done before it gets worse. His balance was fine too.