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  • Growth Spurt

    Are there any signs of puppies having a growth spurt in a great danes? Lizzie is sleeping a lot and I was just curious if it could be her getting taller?

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    When Festus is about to hit a big growth spurt, he sleeps quite a bit more than normal (for him) and he also gets the hiccups as well. When he gets the hiccups he looks all sad and we tell him it's ok you are just growing..... He is too cute for words.


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      Yep, I was gonna say hiccups too.
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        Gotta love those hiccups! I can't help but giggle when Jax gets them.

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          Ohhhhhhhhhh Gawd!!!!!!!!! THE HICCUPS!!!!!!!! Bambi gets them semi regularly.....The first time witnessed them I nearly had a heart attack and was ready to rush her to the E-vet......LOL!!!!!
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            I haven't heard the hiccups out of Lizzie in a long time. She is about a year and 4 months old. She had the hiccups all the time for the first 6 months of her time with us. I was wondering if we were maybe hitting the before 2 growth spurt I have heard that danes go through.


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              Really, hiccups? Samson gets them every couple days.....hmmmm. I wonder why the hiccups?


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                TMI, I know but.....

                My vet told me with dogs that have big growth spurts, the vagal nerve in their sternum area gets stretched too tight. Hiccups are caused by a convulsion of that nerve as it stretches and gets snapped back.

                On a somewhat related topic, anyone have an adult dog that reverse-sneezes? One of mine does it, and he'll do it for a good 5 minutes straight, head hung low and elbows pointed out. I found out it's from an irritation in the soft palate that can be stopped by massaging the throat or closing the nostrils so the dog has to breathe through it's mouth.

                Who knew?
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