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  • Whip worms

    Mira has whip worm, ugh! Not sure about the other dogs, I have to take a sample in from them but I'm sure they do. Can you treat your yard for these things?
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    Here is a pretty good reference site:

    I hate whipworm infestation because the worm can live and can stay active in the soil for so long and the dog can pick it up by just walking and then licking its paws. The best solution for me was putting down artificial turf and periodically power washing to remove any buildup of soil that would contain moisture.

    I know if I keep up on the HW and flea preventatives, that keeps control of most if not all the worms in the dog.

    Maybe someone here has treated their soil with something. The only thing I know is dryness gets rid of them in the ground.


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      Friend of mine treats his yard with lime everytime one of his dogs has worms (he hunts with most of his dogs, so they could be picking up worms anywhere). Not sure if it will work for whip worms, but most worms are sensitive to pH changes....


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        Many have tried, but there is no guarantee they will not be reinfected the moment they step on other soil, like the park or the neighbors yard, and then reinfect your yard. Again.
        After initial treatment, monthly heartworm meds will keep any reinfestation under control and therefore unnoticable. Talk to your vet to be sure the med you are using will handle whipworms.

        just my .02


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          Nothing you can treat your lawn with Also, hw meds do not cover all stages of whips so your dog can get them even when on hw meds. You have to get something from the vet (forget what it is) and you have to treat ALL your dogs and then again in 2/3 weeks. When I adopted Roscoe he came with them I had to treat Ross and Daph and then again in 2/3 weeks. I can't recall specifics, but I remember it cost me 250.00 in meds! lol

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