Hi everyone,

Merlin is our 13 month old Great Dane puppy. About 2 weeks ago he badly split his back pinky nail, exposing the quick. We brought him to the vet a few days later and got antibiotics, wrap, and cream. We're now on day 13 and are noticing two concerning things:

1. His quick is developing a white film, particularly at the bottom. It doesn't appear infected (and we've been very diligent about keep his foot clean and kept in a vet-provided boot), but we're not sure if this is a good, bad, or non-sign.
2. He started to develop a limp today, so it's clearly hurting him more than before

We're currently on vacation at the beach and think some grains of sand could be the culprit for the limp (he's not allowed in the sand except for potty), but we are increasingly concerned about the white film.

Has anyone had a similar experience with an exposed quick turning white as its trying to heal? Image is from yesterday right before we cleaned it for the night.