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  • Swollen toe

    Every couple months, the same toe on the same foot will get swollen. It starts off as a reddish rash, then gradually swells over the course of a few days until it's the size of a strawberry. It will then start to weep a clear fluid and then shed all the hair off the toe. I soak it daily in an epsom bath and it goes away after a week.

    It's never painful and she never goes lame. She doesn't lick it or scratch at it. No cuts or stings or embedded grass seed. It just swells up and looks like hell.

    Does this occur with anyone else's dane?

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    do a google image search for "interdigital furunculosis dog" and see if any of those pictures are similar. has your vet seen this when it's flaring up?


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      This needs to be addressed with your vet especially since it keeps reoccurring. .It can be caused by a number of things, some very serious others not.
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