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Old man Rupert had an eye removed today

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  • Old man Rupert had an eye removed today

    So, Rupert is 10 1/2 yrs old. The last year or so I've seen changes in his blue eye (guess all those old wives tales are true), he got glaucoma and then the eye swelled up. I didn't realize he was in constant pain until the vet said so at his recent checkup. They took his blood for pre op and everything looked good so we went ahead with his enucleation today. He is recovering and doing pretty well. I'll miss his beautiful blue eye (I seemed to focus on that one more when I talked to him), but I'm glad he's not in pain anymore. Whelp, just kind of a "this is what's happening in Rupert land" kind of update. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    ~ Lisa & Rupert

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    Thanks for letting us know.. Prayers for uneventful recovery. Have a happy Thanksgiving
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      he will probably feel so much better once it heals. thanks for the update! have a happy and blessed thanksgiving.


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        Thanks guys, he's doing good and does seem happier.
        ~ Lisa & Rupert