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Puppy not gaining weight

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  • Puppy not gaining weight

    We have a 11 month old Dane puppy (will be a year on August 4). He's our third Dane and I have never had this issue. He was little for his age when we got him, only 12 pounds at 9 weeks. But he has steadily gained weight until he was 9.5 months old, I will include his weights at the end. But at 9.5 months he weighed the same as he does now. He went to a board and train at this time and she recommended switching his food bc his bowel movements were very frequent and smelly. We switched him to the Purina sport food. He eats probably double what is recommended, which is only 3 cups a day for his weight. We start at 6 cups a day and if he finishes it all quickly we give him another cup. He actually lost about seven pounds around the 10 month mark. He's been to the vet and been wormed and they aren't concerned. He's back up to about 101. He doesn't look overly skinny to me. I just feel like if he was 100 pounds 2 months ago, it's concerning that he hasn't gained. Thoughts? Thanks everyone

    Growth chart:

    10/8/18 12.3 pounds (9 weeks)
    10/26/18 26.8 (12 weeks)
    11/8/18 35 pounds (13.5 weeks)
    11/24/18 40 pounds (16 weeks)
    1/5/19 62 pounds (22 weeks/5 months)
    2/1/19 73 pounds (27 weeks/6 months)
    3/3/19 82 pounds (29 weeks/7 months)
    4/2/19 91 pounds (35 weeks/8 months)
    4/21/19 95 pounds (37 weeks)
    5/21/19 100 pounds (41 weeks/9.5 months)

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    since i've never raised a dane puppy (mine are adult rescues), i don't have a whole lot of input but it looks like your pup is at the medium range according to weight charts. you say you've been to the vet...did you have blood work done? if not, that would be a good way to determine if there's anything else going on. did his poop improve after you switched foods? what you're feeding doesn't really look like a good all-life stage food. might be worth your while to switch SLOWLY to a better kibble.


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      I would get bloodwork done to rule out other issues. Danes grow the way genetics dictate. Growth depends on lines. It appears that maybe he didn't come from a good breeder??? I would not be concerned about his weight unless he is so skinny his hips and spine show. If he has good energy and goo muscle I would not be overly concerned. It is also normal for growth to slow down considerably as they get into the older puppy bracket... I agree with Charlene a better quality food would be best.. Also be careful of the calcium/phosphorous levels and don't over feed.
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        His poop has gotten tremendously haha. Any recommendations on a good food? The trainer highly recommended it so I didn't really give it much of a thought.