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  • Shoulder Injury

    Looking for some input until we get to the vet this week!

    My 8 year old dane slipped in the yard a few weeks back on mud (while running like a lunatic may i add) and appeared to have injured his front left leg. Initially he limped a little, it seemed to get better a few days later, then gradually got worse then better (i think he kept aggravating it, getting off couch/bed and 5 steps going into our yard).

    I was away last week for work, and when i got home he was super excited and went into the yard and started running in which i stopped him.

    His limp is worse. I was initially thinking it was wrist joint but now i think its more of a shoulder issue. I can touch it, massage it, manipulate it and he dont appear in pain. If i lift the leg (if he is standing/sitting as if he gives paw) he winces. Ive been applying ice/heat massaging it and he is on strict rest. He will get up on tje couch/bed. Almost like he drags that leg if that makes sense.

    He needs an xray. Anyone have experiences with this type of injury? I am wondering if its muscular/sprain and if the shoulder joint was dislocated he would be in more pain? There is no swelling as well.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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    First off don't go by the dogs reaction or lack of reaction to massaging, manipulating, etc... it does not mean the dog is not in pain. Dogs can be in severe pain and not react. Dogs can and often are very stoic.. Also the lack of swelling doesn't mean the injury isn't serious... There are many things it can be from soft tissue injury to bone/joint injury. It can also be in more than one location. The reality is he should have been seen sooner... an injury that keeps getting reinjured, doesn't have time to heal, etc can make matters worse and healing /recovery longer .. I would recommend getting him in as soon as you can..
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