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Acid Reflux - GERD

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  • Acid Reflux - GERD

    Recently, Lucille my 9 month female has been showing signs of having acid reflux. Weird swallowing, gulping and licking. My vet advised to try Pepcid 40mg every 12 hours. We started the Pepcid saturday night and it does help some until its close to time to retake meds. Anybody else dealing with this? What is working for your dane? Should I switch her food? Help!

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    I found that using an enzyme powder helped my dane with indigestion. She rarely does the air licking thing anymore since I started using it.

    [there's a smaller, 100 serving version that's cheaper]


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      two of my danes will occasionally have episodes of what i believe is acid reflux although it's minor. i have found that if i give the pepcid 30 minutes before each meal, it helps a lot. that is more often than every 12 hours (more like 8-9 hours between meals depending on how late they let me sleep).