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  • Willow the Great Dane Puppy

    I am a first-time Great Dane owner. I have been looking all over for information, but it's so scattered and I don't want her growing up unhealthy and overweight/underweight.

    How much did you feed your Great Dane at all ages? 3? 4? 5? 6? 7? 8? 9? 10? And on..

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    Amount to feed depends on food being fed and the body condition of the dog. There is no set across the board amount. Never go by charts or what others feed. Make sure you are feeding a good quality high meat food. Watch out for high plant foods. Make sure your Dane is a nice healthy lean with the last 2-3 ribs barely visible. Your dog should be well muscled, have good energy and never be chunky. If your Dane is under 12 months make sure the calcium level is not over 1.5 (lower near 1.2 is Best) and phosphorous not over 1.0 (lower neared .08 is best)
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