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  • Diarrhea

    our Dane is just a year and for the last 3 weeks she has had really loose stool. She will even walk and will squirt out of her like a hose. Every now and then she will have a solid.

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    a vet visit is in order for her. diarrhea that goes on this long can cause dehydration. have you changed anything in her diet? added anything? it could be anything from internal parasites to something she is eating.


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      Started in March one vet told us to switch her to a puppy food then a couple weeks ago I called our local vet asking about it and she thought it was because of the puppy food she we switched her to adult food.


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        Ok, continual switching of food is not good... it keeps the system in turmoil and never allows it to adjust. Since she is a year old now she should be on a good quality adult food... it should have a named meat/meat meal source as at least the first 2-4 ingredients... It should be high in meats low in plant ingredients.. stay away from corn, wheat, soy & glutens.. Do not over feed..over feeding can cause diarrhea..If she hasn't been dewormed in a while get a fecal done and get her dewormed.. Watch how many treats are given daily.. Give a good probiotic daily..Also give a little plain pumpkin daily.
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