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Blood shot eyes...

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  • Blood shot eyes...

    We noticed last night that Lizzie's eyes (both) are VERY blood shot. My daughter has been taking her during the day to her boyfriends house and letting her play outside on a "zip line" type of leash. We thought we would give it overnight to see if the condition improves. This morning nothing has changed....still the same. Could this be "playing to hard"?...allergic to something there?...or something worse? She shows no behavioral changes and appetite is normal. Any ideas?
    Both eyes are the same

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    It's probably an allergy. Will need some eye drops or ointment.


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      Lizzie heads to the vet this morning. ...I'll post the verdict when we get info.


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        Sorry for the delay in the response. After taking Lizzie to the vet it was determined that she had actually bruised her eyes....I know, shocked us also. Apparently, when she shakes her toys really hard, she is hitting herself in the eye area, thus causing this. Her eyes have since all cleared up and we are good to go.