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  • Swollen Paw

    Two days ago i noticed my 19month old GD had two swollen toes. I thought she had just hurt them playing too hard with her two brothers. But yesterday all her toes were swollen and the top of her foot. Now, this morning, it is swollen up to her knee. She is not tender at all, it is tight and kinda soft. I am calling the vet at 9am when they open..ANY ideas on what to make SURE they check for? Thanks, Cindy

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    RE: Swollen Paw

    Could be a number of things, insect bite (spider), jumping on a fence and snagging a toe(s), twisting a foot in play, if you are in a warm/hot climate possibly a snake bite... Definitely a good idea to have the vet take a look. Let us know what he/she says.

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      RE: Swollen Paw

      Ditto what Gina said.....

      Will keep your baby in our prayers... let us know!

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        RE: Swollen Paw

        Check between the toes for any bump swellings...
        or under the foot between the pads.
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          RE: Swollen Paw

          Ouch. Please keep us posted on your babies progress!