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muscle spasms?

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  • muscle spasms?

    Lately my 5 year old dane jake has been experiencing somewhat pronounced spasms in his legs and body. They only seem to be happening when his body is completely at rest though, especially when he is sleeping or just falling asleep. It is like his whole body ripples from the spasm. I dont think he is " dreaming " per se but is actually undergoing some sort of seizure or something. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: muscle spasms?

    If you are convinced he is not dreaming, I would videotape it, and when you go to your next vet appt., show your vet.


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      RE: muscle spasms?

      My 7 yo Dane has a leg that occasionally experiences tremors while at rest but he does have medical problems. ~ It may be nothing but I would ck with you vet to make sure everything is ok with yours and Good Luck.

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