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  • Question on size!

    I have been lurking around here for some time but never really found what I am looking for...I have an 8 month old female mantle who is currently 28.5 inches and weighs around 80 pounds. Is this about normal/right for her age? Her mom was about 120 and her dad was 205. She is a very lanky block headed dane. I'm not hoping for her to be a huge 200 pounder or anything I just want her to be a "normal" size dane! The vet says she looks amazing so no concern there just looking for some advice! Thanks!

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    she could be a little on the smaller or petite size...... but that does not mean that she won't sprout up and get bigger.
    the daddy I would be interested to see 205 seems rather heavy to me...

    we have some Danes here that are 2 years old and 39.5" tall and weight about 175 ish

    While we have Danes that are 3+ years old and the same size they were when they were 7 months old.

    the point is as long as she is healthy - she will grow to what ever her genetics tell her to grow too.
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      It's hard to predict but I'd say sshe'd be bout mommas size

      chart says maybe 8 months they average it around 80 - 115lbs. So she's fine maybe on the lower end but. hat's for females anyways

      height for 8 months 27"-34". At 28" now I think you could be looking at a 32 or 33" adult height. but again all grow differently. my boy was 33" at around that age. Now he's almost 5. He's 34.5"
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