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12 week old male

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  • 12 week old male

    Hi everyone! Moose turned 12 weeks old on friday and weighed in at 32 lbs. I'm not sure of his height, but he is tall and lanky at the moment. Does this seem average or on the small side? He is not 'thin', rather lean. He is a blue and our first dane. Thanks!

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    you wanna keep them lean.. better lean than overweight! at 3 months poppy was 38.7lbs. i've charted her growth and i gotta say the line of best fit looks pretty awesome, she seems to have been putting on weight at a slow and quite even rate. hope this helps!

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      Just to track his growth a bit;
      When he brought him home at 8 weeks he was 18 lbs, 10 weeks he was 24lbs and last week he was 28 lbs. he seems to be averaging 3-5lbs a week. Mom was 135lb and dad was 160 lb.


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        Does your vet say he is parasites??? If so and he is eating well w/o knuckling over or seeing more that the last rib...let him grow at his own rate...too many people compare to others...good luck with your baby!!
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          That sounds about right. Ferg was 30-35 ish when we got him at about 11 weeks. Three to five pounds a week is about the average weight gain, I think.
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