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  • Vader has hit a wall on the growth thing. He grew like mad for the first seven months and then just stopped. He is currently a little over nine months old, 29" at the shoulder (or as I like to put it, 7 1/4 hands) and probably pushing 100 pounds. He has not grown at all in the last month. Is that a normal thing?

    And if you could tell me what the name of his coloration is, I'd appreciate it. I have not seen any with his markings.

    Ok, the pic is really small. He is silver (blue?) with small black spots and a big black "V" on his face (hence "Vader").

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    • The grow pretty quickly until around 6-7 months as a rule and then it slows down this is completely normal. His growth and when he reaches maturity will depend on how his bloodline grows and matures. He is a merle (from picture and description). Merle is a common Dane color and occurs in a harlequin breeding program..
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      • Love this thread seeing all the weights. My little Anubis, 15 weeks on Tuesday he was the little guy in his litter weighed in at 36.2 pounds.