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    Hi all. My wife and I are planning on buying a Dane puppy. We are leaning toward a female with no real solid reason. We do not plan on breeding. Is there any advantage or disadvantage to either sex? More than likely either would be spayed/neutered. We do realize males are typically larger, but that's not a problem. We are looking for health and temperament differences. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.

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    I have only owned males. I personally will only own males. From what I have heard females can be "bitchy", not all, but can be. I also like being the only female in the house. There is no other estrogen to compete with LOL. Thats just my 2 cents, hope it helps
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      We've owned many many dogs in the past and my best behaved, easiest trained and all around good dogs have all been males. This is of course a personal choice with no real reason other than what I personally like. I won't own a female again. Each and every female we have had (and still have 1) has always been a PITA in comparison to my males.


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        I really think it just depends on the dog. I have two females. One is crazy. The other is calm 99% of the time and does NOT bark. That's right, she doesn't bark.

        We had originally planned to get a male first but it just didn't work out that way. My next dane will be a male, just because I haven't had one and I usually like to have both sexes, but I don't have any set precognitions of his personality.

        Oh, also eta: I agree that you NEED to spay and neuter because angeldane is right, you'll be dealing with potential nightmares if you don't. And also both my girls are SUPER SUPER cuddley. Nova wasn't as much when she was younger but now we HAVE to cuddle every night on the couch. She has to have her head on my lap or she's not happy, lol.
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          I grew up with only having male dogs. Right now we have a male and female, she is my second female dog ever. Both of the females I've owned have been iffy with other dogs, ESPECIALLY other females. The boys have been more easy going (as far as dog/dog interaction). Now all these we got as adults so it may have been different to have them puppy up.

          If I were just starting out with dogs I would find a great reputable breeder and have them pick the one that was the temperment and best match for our family. When we got Max there was a female puppy there that was just the sweetest thing... but our adult female just doesn't mesh will with other females.
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            IMO males are more laid back attitude wise. Not as observant, often time more cuddly.
            Girls appear smarter to me, they are more protective, but not in an aggressive way more observant of changes. Many times very
            Quick on picking up on training.
            Both can go either way. Both can be great with kids.

            I'm only taking animals that are fixed.
            An intact male can be a monster, while intact females may show moderate same sex aggression.
            males seem much more effected by horomones and I would advise neutering or spaying around 8-10 months.


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              Cleo is my first female dog ever (I've had one dane prior to her). She is QUITE the velcro dog and I am her world (which is just fine be me!). I've heard females are less snuggly, but her favorite place is cuddling w/me on the couch or bed. She's sweet, silly, SASSY at times. She is more protective of me than other dogs I've had....she's slow to let new people in, but once she approves....she APPROVES with leans and slobbers!


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                I have both male and female. I have had 3 females and 4 males.
                They have similar traits but they are different from each other even within the same sex. I agree, it does depend on the dog.
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                  I have owned many females and males. None of the females were "bitches". Sweet, loving and loyal. Males are very sweet. I have seen wild examples of both sexes.

                  I currently have 4 females and one male. I love them all. One of the girls is so sweet and cuddly. She melts in your arms. I just want to squeeze her.


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                    I personally have always owned and preferred males as my own pets. My DH always females. I do find June to be bitchy, with other (mostly) female dogs. Mabel is just Mabel being a female is her only saving grace, if she were a male she would be king wussy boy.
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                      I love hearing about all these personalities. Male or female seems to be less important than the individual. They all seem very cuddly and loving regardless of sex. That's good to know. Whichever we choose will be spayed/neutered and that sounds important to stabilizing their behavior. Thanks so much for the info.



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                        I've only had one dane (female) and to be honest, while she is a royal PITA, it's actually one of my favourite things about her. She is bitchy and hyper-aware, but is smart as a whip, sassy as all get out, and and loves to strut her stuff with pep in her step. I love training with her and I love snuggling with her too. She is a velcro dog to the core, full of emotion, and I wouldn't trade her for anything. I always say my next dane will be a male but I really really like the girls. Tough call!
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                          I have 2 girl danes and 1 boy dane.

                          Girl #1 (Trinity) is super smart (but hard to train .. she loses focus easily .. ADD? Do-able, but a challenge lol), extremely barky (if a leaf blows she's letting me know lol), goofy, hyper, friendly, overly playful lol, a total love bug, a momma's girl, but will go do her own thing and check back in every few minutes, and is in love with my boy dane.

                          Girl #2 (Quinn) is not so bright (ok, she's stuck in a perpetual blonde moment 24/7 lol), uncooridinated/goofy (will look the other direction while running and literally take you down if you aren't careful lol), not terribly vocal, but she can be on occassion, she also is hard to train because she loses focus easy, but it's still do-able with extra effort lol) usually pretty calm (unless she sees water then she's a spaz lol), super extraordinary friendly, not really "playful" (just usually wants to rub on your or step on you or just be touching you in general), is also a total love bug, but isn't really "into" the other 2 danes as much as the other 2 are into each other (girl 1 and boy are total BFF) .. she mostly likes to hang out with me and then randomly bursts off to chase girl 1, gives up, and then come back to hover around me, usually crushing my toes in the process lol.

                          Boy (Bain) is a super sweet guy, really smart, really playful, easy to train, laid back, doesn't bark unless there is something to bark about (he will sit and look at the other 2 like "wtf are y'all doing?", a total lovebug as well, isn't as "in love" with Girl #1 as she is with him but he tolerates her affection and returns it on more often than not (he would so miss her if she was gone lol), and is a most definate momma's boy.

                          All 3 makes my BF and son jealous because every one of them will totally diss them if I walk outside lol.

                          I can't see a difference between owning a boy and a girl. They are all so similar (even to the point my male at 2 years old still squats lol) in their attitudes and mannerisms .. I couldn't say. The only thing I could even think to say makes a difference .. boys are cheaper to have altered than girls lol.
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                            I agree, it completely depends on the dog. I've had two males, and one female, plus a temporary foster female.

                            My most recent male, Havoc, was very serious, I don't guess you refer to a boy as bitchy (why is there a name for it for girls, but not boys?), so I'll just go w/ grumpy. He was not a cuddler, he did enjoy lovings, but when it came to laying down or sleeping, he wanted to be completely left alone. He was very trainable! Although he tended to shut down when he couldn't figure out what I was asking.

                            Iris, on the other hand, is super devoted to me, she's my shadow, she's also the most tolerant dog ever. Currently lives w/ 5 other (little) female dogs (one mine, the rest mom's), that she lets boss her around (mom's are all terriers). She's a cuddler! Sometimes alittle to much, I swear she's trying to crush me in my sleep. Also very trainable, and smarter then Havoc I think, she's also not as sensitive so doesn't shut down so easily.

                            My foster girl was a big sweetie pie! She is alot like Iris actually! Possibly not as cuddly, but I think it's just because she wasn't use to it (she was an outside dog before coming to me), she was never 'bitchy' or grumpy.

                            I don't think either is better, my family LOVED Havoc, he was so mellow and well behaved, but I love how much Iris is 110% MY dog!


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                              I'm surprised how many have multiple Danes. So, although money is not the issue, how much do these dogs eat? What about other day to day expenses? It sounds like another teenager to me right now. A big fun teenager that actually listens (most of the time).