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    I didn't read all the prior responses, so I apologize if this has been brought up before...but I thought I'd mention that the process of 'poo pickup' becomes a lot easier when a dog is on raw. Poop size is much smaller, and they also poop fewer times.

    Not that it makes cleaning the yard a 'magical experience' lol, just a much less dreaded one



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      I have 6 dogs, Great Dane, German Shepherd, Doberman, Sheltie, Toy Sheltie and a Rescued Show, shepherd mix. They put out a lot of so a regular small doggy dooly would not have worked.

      I had an old 55 Gallon plastic drum. I cut the top and bottom off then drilled holes all over the drum. I then dug a hole and buried the plastic drum. It took me a while to dig but its about 4 feet deep. I then threw a lot of dog poo in it and used some Rid-X, water, and you then cover it with a small amount of leaves and you have a septic sytem for your dog or dogs. I will have to add a box of Rid-X every few months but it does not smell and i will have a ways to go before i fill up that container. I used some scrap wood and the bottom of the Barrel for the lid. I'll ad a picture later.


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        i'd imagine since you can't bury one of those doggy spetics deep enough it would freeze in a four-season climate like mine, no?

        we're building a giant "Dane litterbox" in our backyard... it will be 6x6 feet, ovalish in shape...surrounded by lanscape bricks, filled with sand, and two small areas on the back corner for plants (also separated by brick) so it doesnt look like an obvious litterbox...making the easier to scoop up every day with the sand....especially in warm weather. (ew)

        ::dusts off shoulder:: i actually thought it was a nifty idea....the hubby thought the same.
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          I'll just say .. I am SOOOOO glad I switched to the Raw diet .. before summer really hit!

          The amount of poo tha tnow comes out of Bain is amazingly ... small. he doesn't poop 6-10 times a day anymore .. I do good to see him go 3-4 times a day now, and it's like .. wow .. that's it?

          I can't really guage the smaller dogs, since they sneak off right inside the woods to do their business (they're shy about it lol), instead of right smack in the middle of the yard like Bain & Smiley .. but both of them have been reduced SIGNIFICANTLY.

          I will NEVER feed kibble again. ever
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            On occasion I dog sit a friends springer spaniel named Jenna - last weekend the DH asked if Jenna was over and I said no, why? He said "there is small poop pile in the back yard, is that Truman's?!

            Yup - that's the raw diet.
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              Originally posted by k9dane View Post
              Spray your shovel/rake with Pam first.
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                RAW POOP makes for a happy mom!! I still have to scoop because Tori loves raw poop, but it does not smell nearly as much, and is one quarter the size. It dries up in like 15 minutes.
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                  (Didn't read other posts so if this is a repeat sorry)

                  They have those in ground disposal you can install that are like a septic system for doggies. You just dump the poo in there and I guess you have to buy a bag of something to eat it away or eventually it fills up but I know someone who uses it and really likes it and she says it doesn't smell at all. We are lucky, our town has trash cans attached to stop signs everywhere so I pick up and bring it to a stop sign far away from my house. Of course, the neighbors might not appreciate it too much..........

                  My pups have a bad habit of stepping in it too, we just got in the habit of having baby wipes at the door and wiping before they came in.
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                    Wow, reading this thread makes me realize how fortunate I am. Our house is situated in dense woods and Reich has always chosen to run deep into the woods to and then promptly return. Sometimes I follow him just to keep a visual track of how his digestive system is working but I don't ever have to pick it up. When he was on kibble I could smell the huge piles (ewwww) but now that he is on raw there is NO smell and the amount is minimal. The only time we have to pick up his poops is the rare time he goes at a meetup.

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                      Originally posted by newdaneparents View Post
                      Perhaps, but I'm 100% dead serious.
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                        I figured you were serious, but when I first read that I just found it too funny. That is definatly something I will try using though. Thanks for the advice
                        Tara ~ Wife to Josh, Mom to Olivia (4yr old Human Child) Julius (Merle Dane) Mini (4lb chihuahua)