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What to do ... with all that POO?

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  • What to do ... with all that POO?

    I can't say I wasn't warned. I figured it would be alot. And I knew they would be big. But, OMG, I just wasn't prepared for all this ! And no one told me how it multiplies at night. x = awholelottaPOO! I scoop daily and Queen LottaPoo still makes it hard to keep up. And why can't she just stay in one place and finish instead of leaving a trail while she circles?

    So, seriously, does anyone have a disposal suggestions? I try to keep up for the obvious sanitary reasons (flies, parasites, her wanting to snack on it, tracking). But I am hoping for suggestions about recycling, septic, bagging, scooping, ect..

    And what about those lovely tracks across the kitchen floor? I figured there would be land mines, but my romping 7 mo. old puppy can't seem to avoid stepping in them. And she still comes to the door with that sweet, innocent look on her face when it's time to come in and not a word of warning about the hidden surpise under her paw. And of course timing is last night when we had guests and I was finishing dinner preparations. So, besides checking between her toes (ew) and lots of mopping with Pine Sol, do you keep a rug inside the door? Outside? A foot bath? Towel? Baby Wipes?

    I grew up on a farm...I can deal with this. But my wife, that's another story. Suggestions are appreciated on this icky topic before I end up in the "dog house".
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    I have to use baby wipes on Conrad when he comes in, not only does he step in poo he pees on his front paws...

    I'm trying to be good!


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      LOL... Snow just melted here and it was cleanup day last week. I bagged it all up, and sent the nephews to the woods to bury it. Isa stays somewhat consistent on where she goes, and doesn't trample in it so no advice there, but it is really muddy here so Isa gets paws wiped off at the door before coming inside. If you cant bury it, then you could just send it to the dump I guess in the biodegradable trash bags (I dont know why trash bags arent conventionally biodegradable)
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        I have 3 dogs who all poop in my back yard. I dare say I have enough poop there now that the snow has melted to fill a football field. Nasty stuff.

        Good thing I have 4 sons and 4 pooper scoopers.


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          I have three dogs. We leash walk to poop, clean it right up, and that way when they play out there, there are no stepping accidents. We bag it and give it to the garbage men, don't know what else to do with a whole 5 gallon bucket of poop every week. Gross, I know, but it is a fact of life. The irony is, during the days that it was actually snowing, my hubby brought them out between shoveling, and just did not scoop everytime because it was so deep. When it thawed, I was cleaning forever. I was thinking about the people who don't scoop during the winter and I can not imagine the spring cleanup!!!
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            Originally posted by Malyshka View Post

            Good thing I have 4 sons and 4 pooper scoopers.
            Shipping to 48823 ?


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              ahh yes...the eternal question. I will agree with you - I've never seen a dog poop as much as my great dane does!! I think she must poop about 4 or 5 times a day - in one end and out the other! The best we can do is just try to do poop patrol at least once a day. We have a very small yard, which in a way has been a blessing, because whenever Ginger poops, its usually while we're walking (sometimes two or three times a walk!). We just scoop it up and into the garbage it goes. I think thats about all you really can do with.

              Maybe they'll start up that methane-for-fuel thing - we can all sell our dog poop and all be rich!


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                I know of compost systems for dog-poo; however, you can NOT put this compost on any edible plants/gardens. I'm not a fan of composting poo, the bacteria & pathogens concentrated in one spot just does not sit well with me.

                The BEST thing to do with it is flush it so it's properly processed in the sewer system, but how many of us want to collect our land mines only to flush them through our toilets? Personally, we just bag it & send it out w/ the regular trash.

                Much-adoo about poo

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                  Sorry, I don't mean to laugh. It's just a very funny topic. I live in AZ, so no grass. The dogs either go on the concrete or the rocks. Makes picking up a snap. I just bag it and toss it in the trash. No woods around here to bury it in. I really love picking it up during the summer, cause the sun dries it out so fast. Turns it into little (well, ok not little) rocks. As far as by the door, I have trained all of my dogs "to wipe yo feet", now this is usually due to rain,they do not leave the rug until they have been towel dried. I can honestly say I've never had to clean poo off their feet. Sounds like baby wipes are a great thing.


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                    I'm in the muddy Northeast and I use a Doggie Dooley system. Its basically a little septic system that you bury in the yard and then just put the in it.


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                      Originally posted by walker/sadiesmom View Post
                      I really love picking it up during the summer, cause the sun dries it out so fast. Turns it into little (well, ok not little) rocks.
                      I just had a mental picture of my son in the back yard with a blow dryer.
                      "Every boy should have 2 things: a dog and a mom willing to let him have one!"


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                        We scoop Thor's every time he goes. We use regular Walmart type plastic bags (we even take our own bags to the dog park...the ones provided are too small....) and throw it in the trash. I do the same thing with the kitty litter.

                        As far as poop anywhere (usually left over on his butt )we use baby wipes. We always have baby wipes since we have a two year old skin baby.


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                          We made our own doggy dooley

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                            Hey I like the "do it yourself" doggy dooley idea...It beats throwing it in the trash or under the bush in the backyard...


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                              I considered a doggie septic system but with the numbers I have on the property, it wouldn't work. They were all too small. As for composting, I just can't bring myself to do it. Every time I've ever been around a compost area, there's been a smell. I can't imagine what a dog compost area would smell like. Yikes!

                              We use old reliable. We bag it up and send it out with the trash.

                              NOS finally wore himself out. Whew!