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    The way I see it, if he's not going to miss his balls, he's not gonna miss the packaging either.
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      Originally posted by BigPaw View Post
      2 things...

      1. Scrotum has a cremaster muscle. It contracts & relaxes with temperature, etc. It changes!! Summer, it will hang low!!

      2. Cosmetic surgery in dogs! Sad...He is happy, what do you care What's next? Fix his lips, because he drools??

      Just saying'...

      If I didn't like the drool I'd get another breed (not that I'm a huge drool fan). Pretty sure males of all breeds have balls and a scrotum though
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        Originally posted by oshagcj914 View Post
        Thanks, I'll be looking into this in about a year! A sad empty coin purse is almost worse than a full one! Was there any difference in recovery?
        not really. Its slightly more invasive due to standard protocol is for neuters now (incision not in the same area it used to be), but you are still looking at same recovery time.

        Another reason to do it, besides for you are much less likely to get swelling/drainage, which is quite common, and I'm guessing quite uncomfortable for the males. Their sacks will often swell to 2 or more times the normal size post op. There are many threads with photos regarding this matter.

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          Oh my dear lord!!!! [emoji23]
          My 11 year old son just made us laugh.... OMG!!!

          Titan is stretched out on the couch and jason say "mom, you know it's really weird.... Titan is a huge dog but has a tiny penis" [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
          I couldn't do anything but hang my head and laugh!!! Sheesh

          Excuse typos!!!
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