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how much is too much?

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  • how much is too much?

    ive heard for the first few years of a danes life you really have to regulate their activity, and how much exersize they get. also seriously regulate their food intake...
    i play anywhere from 2 to 5 miles of frisbee golf nearly everyday, is that too much? also always on the water, do they generally enjoy that atmosphere?

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    RE: how much is too much?

    I think its more of the first 18 months of a danes life where you really have to be careful with exercise because their growth plates are still coming together. I think the 2-5 miles will depend on how hot it is outside and the age and activity level of your dog.

    Also, some danes enjoy water while some do not. Jewel hated it until recently when wasn't paying attention and waded too deep. Now we can't keep her out of it.
    ~ Alyssa and Jewel ~