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    RE: White Dane

    I am so glad to have stumbled upon this topic.....we adopted a little white deaf baby about a month ago and let me tell you she is noisey!!! She is always complaining and moaning and yes, barking and yelping till the cows come home when she is crated when she doesn't want to be. Campie has been with us for about 4 weeks and she is finally "getting it" as far as the crate goes. We find that consistance (even on the week-ends) is the biggest factor in how she does with her crating. My Hubby is home all day so she is on a schedule. Her yelping has definately decreased but I was afraid that the neighbors were going to call animal control on us!!! We also make sure we give her a special treat when we are crating her and covering the crate helped too. We crate trained our other two Danes and they adjusted very quickly but then again every Dane is deifferent, hearing or non. Glad to know we are not alone